Dear potential client,

I respect your interest in your privacy and the safety of your information online. That’s why I invest in a portal with HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant safeguards for the management of your health information. It’s what I would want for myself!

If you prefer to be on the safe side, you will be better safeguarded if you choose not to text me, message me through Facebook, chat with me online, comment on video chats or posts or email me through gmail/google, at least when it comes to your health.

Note that whenever you voluntarily make your personal information available for viewing by third parties online, such as on blogs, message boards, emails, or in chat areas, the information you share also can be seen, collected and used by third parties, and therefore, we cannot be responsible for any unauthorized third party use of such information that you voluntarily share.

Once we begin speaking about health, we should stick to the private client (HIPAA and PIPEDA protected) portal.

Move to my HIPAA and PIPEDA – protected client portal, better, by clicking through to book a discovery call.

HIPAA and PIPEDA protect the privacy of Canadian and US patient health information.

We can email, message, video chat and share files within that platform, and that is where I will store your most sensitive information.

It may not prove to be foolproof (please see my full list of terms here) but I do make sure to avoid the areas of greatest vulnerability – I choose not to store your personal or health info on my laptop computer, my work computer, my phone, in regular email folders, in the cloud (Dropbox, Drive etc) or on a USB key.

I also promise not to sell, share or otherwise distribute your contact or other personal information or use it in any way other than to keep you informed and up to date on the items you’ve indicated an interest in. You can read the full privacy policy here.

I hope that me taking these precautions enables you to relax, open up, and to heal in a safe space we create. I hope it energizes, empowers and strengthens you in your root (safety) chakra.

With love and respect,