Hi I’m Dana Green Remedios and I’m a holistic nutrition professional.

I create programs for cool people who through no fault of their own are struggling with their bodies, struggling to feel their best. These are Millennial and Middle-aged adults who are interested in their health but don’t look and feel the way they feel they should or wish they could, and they are confused and frustrated by all the conflicting nutrition information out there.

They feel overwhelmed – there are so many choices, like types of bread to choose from, and there are also so many limits, like gurus telling them that they shouldn’t eat any bread or grains or carbs at all!!

The more people they listen to, the more their diet shrinks. Or they find themselves rebounding and rejecting it all – they don’t want their life to be about what the cannot eat – so they just do whatever their craving tells them to.

They are completely ready to implement a clear plan, if they had one, but something has always gotten in their way, something has always made them give up, doubt themselves, get pulled in another direction, lose confidence in the plan, or simply stop sticking to whatever plan they were on.

They want the solution to the what to eat problem, and I help them.

I mentor and guide them and give them tools to have more confidence and clarity, while making it easy to cook and to shop and live their lives.

They get more nutrients, while making it feel easy to deal with dinner, while feeling great in their bodies.

They can reduce the symptoms that impact their lives and limit their choices, without sacrificing entire food groups or having to make a million different meals every week.

These badasses can transform the way they think of themselves, while feeling supported. They can bring more energy, clear thinking, and sexy vibes into their lives. They can look and feel totally envigorated and glowing by balancing their hormones through diet and lifestyle tweaks.

I am on a mission to raise the quality of life for those who have been impacted by trauma of all kinds and I’ve got a lifetime of experience at it.

I’m a triple-board certified nutrition professional with ten years in private practice as a nutritionist.

I have half a decade of experience as a Product Information Specialist and trainer for the supplement and health food industry. I’ve spent time as a Cook and Kitchen Manager for organic cafes and ecolodges, too. I understand the arguments for, issues facing and challenges of consuming both whole foods and vitamins.

My honours degree in political science makes me consider the deep impacts of social determinants of health as well – such as poverty, racism, ableism, environmental and educational policies.

I’m passionate about creating justice in the face of discrimination based on gender and sexuality, not to mention the commercial forces of the diet and beauty industries.

That and also, having lived through an extreme amount of my own trauma and illness while being totally un-helped by the authorities out there has made me an advocate for people dealing with the healthcare industry, and a believer in trauma-informed medicine.

  And when I’m not solving nutrition or health riddles and changing people’s habits, I can usually be found dancing to funky house music, hiking in the woods, and hanging with my man and our 12-year-old in front of a screen trying to make up for a lifetime of not appreciating TV and movies.

I also try to hang out with the friends that make me feel like I am still relevant, listening to new music and discussing our lives, and sometimes I am also decent enough to visit the old ladies in my life, learning something and making them laugh, or maybe just doing some of their errands and chores like weeding their garden.

Want to know more? Here are 12 fun facts you don’t know about me :

1 … I have 5 names legally, and neither Dana nor Green are on the list, but everyone used to call me Dana Green.

2 … I am of mixed heritage, including Ukrainian, Chinese, Portuguese, Irish, Spanish, Peruvian, Cherokee and Scottish.

3 … I grew up in a shared house. Often a half dozen international students would share the same bathroom as me and have dinner with my family. They might stay a month or a year, and they were from Japan, Libya, Taiwan, Germany, China, Quebec, Austria and other places.

4 … I have aphantasia.

5 … My childhood career aspiration was to own a disco for kids (yes, I was born in the 70s) because it was so unfair that kids had no place to dance and party. It therefore makes absolute sense that …

6 … I started sneaking into dance establishments underage with a fake ID at the ripe age of 13 and attended over 500 raves and parties before I “became legal” at 19. I even got my raving sponsored by a beverage company for a time. And, I have never stopped. I believe in full immersion at transformational music festivals as a healing modality.

7 … I have not always been a “healthy eater”. I used to eat entire blocks of salted butter dipped in brown sugar, as a snack, and I kept a ledger of the candy that I had.

8 … I have been hit by a car … twice.

9 … At 21 I ran in the Canadian federal general election for the position of MP (Minister of Parliament). I canvassed thousands of homes door to door, packed the room in live debates and appeared on television, all in an effort to support a party whose platform I believed in.

10 … I was a general contractor on a building project for a heritage house located in the town square area of Granada, Nicaragua. It was originally built in the 1500s of adobe, clay, hay and bamboo, with a traditional Spanish colonial style open inner courtyard.

11 … Before I knew that I had been traumatized (it was repressed), I was just sick and had issues. Now that I know and I have dealt with it, I feel liberated, forgiving, and healthy.

12 … I have won several essay / blog contests, resulting in prizes that include books, a digital camera, a trip, two scholarships and even a Toyota Matrix – I got to drive the first one in Canada. Of course, I picked RED.

Do you get my red pill / blue pill reference?

Are you like me, interested in waking up and taking a look at and then working with a difficult truth (the red pill) instead of staying lost in the matrix? If so, I can help you!

     Interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help you? Here’s what to do now…

Drop me an email at dana@healthywealthyhabits.ca, or for a faster response give me a call or write me a text to 778 322 9270.

Or, use this link to my booking page here to schedule a discovery call with me (its free), or just use it to go snoop around and check out my prices and some of the services I offer ;}

Let’s all connect with each other and build a supportive community!

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