When we drill down to discover the real reason we want just about anything (money, health, the perfect partner), the core goal is happiness. So why not stop denying ourselves happiness, and cut to the chase?

We’ve talked about how to prioritize tasks that must get done, but what about making time for more of what you love? Do you ever feel like you’re giving too much of yourself?


Around the new year, a lot of us made room in our homes for the things that “spark joy”. Now that it’s spring, there’s no better time to do some spring cleaning for your personal life to get back more of what you put out there.

Here are ways to bring that into fruition! (Just like having a home full of joy-bringing things, we can make “room” for joy in our lives by clearing away stuff we don’t need.)


1. Be honest with yourself

If you could create your perfect life, what would it be? Write down the things that you would like to have more time for in your life, like reading, learning a hobby or spending time with people that you enjoy being around.

2. Reflect on the things you’re currently doing

It helps to make a list of what you currently spend your time on — from working to caring for kids to running errands. Think of it as a synopsis of your weekly life. You’ll want to look at this compared to what you want to see more of in your week.

3. Decide what you can compromise on

You might not be able to change the fact that you have to go to work, but how you get there could be changed. Maybe the stress of driving is wearing you down. Instead of making yourself crazy, try jogging if you can or taking the subway and reading while on the train. Then you get more exercise and fresh air, or time to read, and you don’t have to deal with traffic — a win-win.

4. Stop saying “but”

If you’re always saying you want to do something and adding “but” in there afterward, it’s time to change that way of thinking. Those three little letters are convincing you that you don’t deserve the things you want more of.

Let’s look at a common place where you add “but” in your life. You need to get groceries for your family. No one can deny that’s not important. “I want to take that new hot yoga class, but I have to go to the supermarket.” Well, not exactly correct!  Our marvellous online world allows you to order all of the things you need and either run by and have it brought out to your car or even better, delivered to your door.  Problem solved.

We even add this “but” when we need to make dinner. No, you don’t. You can prep those meals on your Sunday and voila! Your early evenings are free to pick up another pursuit. We’re so trained to feel guilty for indulging the things we want, but we need to do those things because we can’t be our best for everyone else, or truly milk all the joy out of life, if we don’t.

Remember that ‘what we focus on expands’.

What are 3 things you want to make more room for in your life? Focus on those things.

Imagine how much time or money they would take, imagine ways you could get them.
For me personally, I’d love to free up time every Thursday evening to be able to make it downtown and drop in to a House Dance class.

Hit reply and let me know what you’d love to make room for in your life.

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