Want to know if these are good to eat or not? Watch my video here!

Obviously, eating real food is ideal.

Eating whole foods not from a bag.

Meaning, the best thing is not to have bagged foods in the house. Better for you, the earth, etc.

Snacking on edamame with salt, or on seeds, or on veggies and bean dip, is much much better than eating food from a package. Eating yogourt or fruit or a baked potato, even home popped popcorn.

It creates less waste and uses less energy and it is WAY better for health.

Getting sucked into thinking that snacks are ok because they are non GMO or organic is very easy.

However some of you are transitioning your families, or going on a road trip or camping or grabbing stuff to bring to a party and /or for whatever reason are not yet ready to stop eating packaged snacks.

So here is an evaluation of the snacks out there there are not tortilla chips or potato or veggie chips.

It gives you an idea of the sodium and sugar content as well as whether or not they are made with bad fats, and if they are paleo or vegan friendly.

I hope it is helpful!



Watch the video here.

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