Seed to Soul is a thoughtful podcast exploring various facets of health, wellness, personal growth and nutrition.

Podcasting from Vancouver, British Columbia, we have a passion for diving deep, injecting topics with everything from science to personal adventures, from wonder and awe to critical thinking.

Listen here to Sound Healing part two of this 3 part series on Spreaker.

In part 1, Rob and Dana chatted about the physics of sound and brain waves, binaural beats, research on music therapy, entrainment, various instruments and some of their personal experiences, including comparing their notes about the Integratron in California.

Now, in part 2 Rob travels up the West Coast northwards to Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, to chat with Kiki van der Heiden, a Kundalini Yoga instructor and sound healing practitioner at Sun Studio, about her experiences with sound healing.

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