Everyone has a unique biochemistry.

We also each have a unique microbiome.

Our metabolism is therefore unlike anyone else’s.

And recently, a study finally proved it.

I have always loved the idea of biochemical individuality, since the first time I was introduced to it years ago.

There was a FABULOUS study that was published in 2015 in the journal CELL that dug into the topic really well.

The brief of the study, which was titledĀ Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses, stated the following:

People eating identical meals present high variability in post-meal blood glucose response. Personalized diets created with the help of an accurate predictor of blood glucose response that integrates parameters such as dietary habits, physical activity, and gut microbiota may successfully lower post meal blood glucose and its long-term metabolic consequences.

What this says in essence, is that everyone (they had a sample size of 800 people) reacts to food differently, but that by taking into account everything they learned about people, their gut health and diet and exercise habits, they could give them diets that suited them and allowed them to avoid the major consequences of metabolic problems like diabetes.

That’s right.

By eating in a way that suited them, that was different for each of them, they were ABLE TO NOT SUFFER DIABETIC COMPLICATIONS.

The individualized dietary advice was based on factors like their microbiome, eating patterns, blood work and body composition.

This was not a group of US Americans with vastly different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, it was a study of a slightly more cohesive group, Isrealies.

Meaning even in a more homogeneous group, there were significant differences.

David Zeevi, Tal Korem, Niv Zmora, …, Zamir Halpern, Eran Elinav, and Eran Segal authored the Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses study

The predictions based on the information gathered was sufficient to prevent blood sugar imbalance in the subjects using vastly different approaches.

It goes to show, one size doesn’t fit all.



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