Those terrible chemicals called Obesogens

Last time, I mentioned that we need to clean up our lives and diets to be sure to avoid some terrible chemicals known as obesogens.

Motivation is hard though.

Changing our lives is hard.

Here is some more info that helps motivate me to avoid those nasties

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Obesogens are a category of toxic chemicals that make us, and the next several generations after us, fat.

These chemicals don’t just make us fat, or obese, or affect our hormones, or our lives. 

They cause epigenetic changes.

Epigenetic changes = changes on our DNA.

Did I mention that?

These chemicals easily change our genes.

They change our genes in a way that passes from generation to generation, influencing cancer, obesity and fertility for generations.

These are called epigenetic changes.

And even if you never plan to have kids, if you want to avoid cancer, liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes, it behooves you to clear the junk out. In fact, that’s probably why nutritionists and naturopaths seem positively obsessed with detoxing.

These exogenous hormones are terrible. 

So we should lower our exposure, reduce our intake, and detox to remove them.

Learn more: Dr. Anthony Jay’s book Estro Generation discusses the topic.

However, that doesn’t mean all plant estrogens are bad.

About exogenous plant estrogens

Plant estrogens are from outside the body, but are not as much of a concern as chemical estrogen FAKES – those are NEVER good.

Plant estrogens may bind with sites and actually prevent them from interacting with the chemical fakers from plastics, which can be a very good thing.

Another time it might be good to consume exogenous estrogens from plants would be in times of low estradiol, like post menopause, or any time the numbers are too low, like after being on a low-fat diet (for men and women).

Normal levels of estrogen hormones in people are 20 ng/l for men 20 – 400ng/l for women. If you actually need to RAISE estrogen, try plants estrogens from flax: 300,000 mcg/100g Flax.

brown seeds

   Flax can raise estrogens enough to make menopause more comfortable.

Have you ever tried this?

Let us know!



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