Self Care for the Soul

Wow. We are at the final in this series of learning about self-care. How is your self-nourishment going?

Do you have a whole list of ways to nurture your mind and body? I hope you do.

Today we are focusing on nourishing your soul with activities that make you happy and give you a break from your busy life. To be honest, the soul self care could quite possibly be more important than anything else. Even food.

Enjoy life.

Here are some soul-food ideas for you to start with today. Don’t forget to create your own
Soul Food list to work out what works for you!
• Enjoy your coffee/tea in the morning
• Take a hot bath after work
• Meet with your best friend
• Have a good laugh, make another person laugh
• Watch a favourite movie

person pouring tea on a cup

• Allow your self to be looked after by someone else
• Listen to some really great music, look at really good art
• Give to someone else – charity, free gift, thank you note…help them for free
• Create something
• Time with pets

Remember that self care isn’t just something you tick off your list once and never do it again.

man person cute young

It’s a constant in your life that forms part of your daily routine to create positive health and wellbeing on a deep level. You’ll very quickly feel the amazing benefits of just some small self care routines that can literally change the course of your overall health – and even life!

I’d love to know how you are going to start implementing a self care routine to finally feel good in your body and live the life you’ve been wanting.

So, what’s your favourite form of self care?

Do you have a favourite way to care for your mind, your body, or your soul?

Is there anything that cares for all three at once, and if so, what?





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