Self Care

Each person has their own version of what self care means.

It’s all about the individual.
What works for you may not work for the next person. This is the same as your diet and the food you consume. Put simply: There is no one-fits-all guide to self care.

What does Self Care look like?

Only you will know what is good for you and what ignites your energy and joy.  Not sure what that is yet?

YOUR MISSION: Start making a list!

Today go and spend 5 minutes thinking about ANYTHING that makes you feel good.

I’m talking about the things you WANT to do or have but never get around to doing! (I’m not talking eating a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, but, if that’s what comes up, write it down – the best way to brainstorm is to just let everything flow out of you, so go ahead, write it out, and later, if it is all about eating sugar, you’ll have learned something, and then you can just make a mental note, and cross those off the list!).

Some ideas to spark your self care list could be:
– Something that makes you forget about work – even for 5 minutes
– Taking a warm bath
– Eating a chocolate-dipped banana
– Being with friends
– Jumping on a trampoline


All you need to do is sit quietly and connect to yourself to find out what makes you smile,
gives you goose bumps or that feeling of peace and calmness. This is what your self care list will look like!

Me taking a ‘time out’ in the middle of my work day with my feet up and my mind at ease by the calm edge of the Fraser River.

Now take a look at your list.

Is “playing an instrument” on the list? Or “going for a bike ride”?

Try and incorporate one thing a day/every couple of days. Or even once a week. These things should form part of your self-care routine so that you can start to feel better in your personal life and health.

PAY ATTENTION: You may find that the more you take the bike out, or pick up the ukelele, the easier it becomes to get into the flow. The bike will be better maintained, less likely to have a flat, the ukelele will be tuned and the melody fresh in your head. You’ll find you get even MORE enjoyment from these activities, more easily.

What does your self care list look like? What can you work on today?

I am going to go dig out some candles, have a candle-lit epsom salt bath, deep condition my hair, and then read in bed.



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