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Where you have seen and heard Dana:

I am speechless! Dana is so tremendously kind!  Not only does she take time to respond to me with so much encouragement but she willingly shares her own story.  She has been such a
blessing to me!

- Karen M.

I really enjoyed that Dana used my own personal wording when creating tapping dialogue for my personal issues. That made it really feel like MY session and a way to help ME. I would suggest anyone working with Dana to be open minded about tapping. I was hesitant at first but I'm happy to have learned another way to work on my wealth. Dana is a great resource!

- April W.

Dana was extremely helpful and very thorough. 

- Zach from Tampa, FL

Dana is so knowledgeable and informed, so polite, so educated, and it has been such a pleasure to talk with her. I just have to complement Dana on her professionalism, she's helped me so much!

- Lisa from NY, NY

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